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Summer Special
available now
Six 60 Mins/$55 
Package total =$330

Three 90 Mins/$85
Package total = $255

Couples Speical
60MINS ($55/person)

Come in Stressed.
Leave Rejuvenated.


Hot stones

The technique of using hot stones for massage dates back to antiquity. The hot stones are place at precise meridian points to promote healing and energy balance. Stones also warm and relax muscles making them more supple for therapeutic work for those who prefer a lighter massage. This therapy is effective in treating poor circulation, arthritis, back pain, or even stress and anxiety.

Stones on Foot

30 min | $45

60 min | $60

90 min | $90


30 min | $45

60 min | $60

90 min | $90

Our massage therapists will use their vast knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine to work with your Meridian points to send healing where needed or to ease resistance and tension. The health benefits this type of Asian massage have been recognized for literally thousands of years. This type of massage is effective in increasing circulation, stimulating the immune system and treating a wide array of illnesses and injuries.

Trigger Point Therapy is used to manage pain that occurs in a very focused part of the body. There could be a single trigger point that is causing pain or numbness down an arm, leg or lower back. Treating the singular point will relieve pain in that entire area. This technique is especially effective in relieving discomfort in a particular muscle group or easing muscle knots.


45 min | $45

30 min | $45

60 min | $60

90 min | $90

Nothing feels as wonderful as a foot massage. It’s true that having your feet massages is incredibly relaxing but there are innumerable health benefits as well. The foot contains meridian points that benefit everything from the sciatic to the kidneys to the thymus gland. Reflexology of the feet can be beneficial for relaxation, circulation issues, or releasing any blocked energy points.

Swedish Massage is one of the most well known forms of massage around the world. It’s effectiveness in promoting relaxation and easing muscle pain is well documented. Pressure along the muscles increases circulation and oxygen levels improving flexibility and decreasing muscle toxins. Swedish Massage is perfect for those seeking stress reduction or relief from muscle pain.


30 min | $55

60 min | $60

90 min | $90

75 min | $70

It includes 45 min of foot massage and 30 min of back massage.


60 min | $55/each

90 min | $80/each

Wanting an enjoy an amazing massage with your best friend or significant other and escape from the busy lives? Couples Massage offers great quality massage at the same time with your partner side-by-side. What an amazing way to enjoy an hour to two hours of relaxation with a couple's massage.



12201 E Arapahoe Rd.
Unit A13
Centennial, CO, 80112

Cell: 720 - 627 - 9588

Working hours:

Everyday 9 AM - 9 PM

Yellowstone Spa is located on the East Side of the plaza, facing Auto Finder. If you need help finding our location, please call us.



Paula B.

Oh my Goodness. They are a long distance from my home, but I received the best massage I’ve had since - longer than I can remember.

Joyce A.

The massage therapist was able to loosen up my muscles and get me moving better. I highly recommend Yellowstone.

Alex B.

Excellent amenities, staff, and massage! Very relaxing atmosphere and great professionalism.

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